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ProfitOS(PricingOS + ContentOS)
$999 / MONTH
All-in-one A/B testing operating system built just for Shopify — test product & shipping prices, on-site creatives, and everything in between with the help of a dedicated Revenue Engineer.
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  • Increase revenue by 14-17% within 2 weeks & own your market
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Translate 1,000+ scientifically valid data points & metrics into actionable insights in seconds
  • Full platform access & managed services — be as hands-on or off you'd like with the full support of implementation Specialists, Data Analysts & Revenue Engineers
  • Built-in LTV modeling & real-time granular data modeling with award-winning interface
  • Dedicated Revenue Engineer (<20 mins responses) in shared Slack Channel
$799 / MONTH
Looking for an easy way to increase margins? Run real-time A/B tests on your product & shipping prices to unlock revenue opportunities. Stop leaving money on
the table.
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  • Figure out if you're leaving any money on the table
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Benchmark your sales & conversion metrics against direct competitors' data with PriceBot
  • Run every configuration of A/B price tests (50/50 & custom % traffic split, bundles, multi-armed bandit, etc.)
  • Optimize shipping prices — increase AOV by A/B testing different shipping prices or free shipping thresholds
  • White-glove concierge support via email or telephone
$499 / MONTH
Take a data-driven approach to on-site design & creatives, and understand how every pixel impacts profits. Effortlessly run these A/B tests with no code & no developers necessary.
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  • Measure how every pixel on-site affects conversions
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Supercharge customers' speed to add-to-cart & checkout by 39% with On-Site Content Optimization
  • Use Split URL testing to redirect visitors to different pages based on traffic sources & UTM parameters in real-time
  • Test & implement new themes with zero risk and uncover which is most conversion-optimized within 7 days
  • White-glove concierge support via email or telephone

Additional  Tontine services

Your experience with Tontine should be effortless and stress-free. We don't believe in nickel-and-diming you, or charging for services you don't use — but if your brand needs a little more than the comprehensive features provided out-of-box, our team of experts will always be at your disposal!

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Special Projects

Our team of data wizards can assist with custom reporting, establish best practices, set up a bespoke BI foundation, and provide other conversion rate optimization support needed at a predictable hourly rate.

Starts at $260/hr

Fractional VP of Digital Intelligence

For building a world-class digital intelligence operation internally; the full spectrum from planning and execution to data engineering and architecture led by our world-class VPs of Digital Intelligence.

Starts at $375/hr

Headless Commerce Integration

If your store has a headless commerce setup, our Integration Specialists will handle all technical aspects of the integration (regardless of its complex) to guarantee 100% compatibility, so you never have to lift a finger.

$4,000/one time fee

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Profit Margin Lift


Revenue Lift






Revenue Lift


Profit Margin Lift


LTV Lift


Revenue Lift

Honest Pricing Guarantee

Pick a plan that will take your profit margins to the next level based on your last 12 months revenue — all with an ironclad ROI guarantee
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ProfitOS (PricingOS + ContentOS)
For brands doing less than
$1 million in annual revenue
Talk to an expert
For brands doing less than
$1 million in annual revenue
Talk to an expert
For brands doing less than
$1 million in annual revenue
Talk to an expert

Growth Forecast

Use this interactive tool to forecast revenue growth for your brand as soon as you begin optimizing your prices with Tontine!
Select Industry
$100 million
Monthly sessions
2 million
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Forecasted monthly revenue increase once you begin optimizing prices with tontine

These results are based on the metrics you’ve provided, as well as a comparative analysis against Tontine’s aggregated and anonymized data set from working with 2,400+ brands on Shopify. Please note that these results are not a guarantee of how much revenue you’ll generate using Tontine. For more accurate estimates, schedule a free consultation!

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2,400+ Shopify merchants have generated > $651 million in extra revenue with Tontine. Join them.

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Average profit margin
% increase for merchants


Return on investment
within 6 months

<3 mins

Time taken by most brands
to set up their first test

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for "ease of use"

Make informed  decisions, not guesses.

We’ll either increase your profit margins, or give you your money back. Requesting a consultation could be the most profitable thing you do this week, and you don’t need to spend a thing!

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100% honest and transparent pricing

No “Contact Us for a Quote” or any mysterious pricing pages designed to gouge you. Our prices are honest and transparent from day one.

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No-fuss setup: get up and running in <48 hours

Don’t believe in the nonsense that CRO is technically complex or difficult to setup. Tontine is built by data scientists for non-experts.

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Frequently asked questions, answered

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