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What kinds of A/B tests can you run with Tontine?

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A/B Test

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a straightforward technique that allows you to evaluate two variations of a product price, shipping price, subscription price, or more broadly, a landing or product page in order to identify the best strategy. By presenting Version A and Version B to separate groups of potential customers in real time, you can gather insights on which version yields a higher conversion rate.

Many e-commerce brands on Shopify opt for this mode of testing because it enables data-driven decision-making, allows for incremental improvements/tweaks to tests (unlike “before and after” tests), and provides speedier results that allow you to respond to market trends or competitors more quickly.

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Custom Segmented Traffic Test

Concerned about the risks of A/B testing with 100% of your inbound traffic? With Tontine, you can run an A/B test with as little as 1% of your inbound traffic volume, offering a cautious approach to avoid potential reputational concerns.

While this method may take a little longer to yield statistically significant results, it’s still an incredibly effective way to test incremental changes to on-site product prices or content without alarming your loyal and repeat customers. Tontine further ensures your brand safety and integrity with 17+ proprietary technical safeguards to minimize, if not entirely eliminate, accidental cross exposure (i.e. instances where a customer may be exposed to both test variants).

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Multi-armed bandit test

Launching a new product without a price in mind or looking to reprice an existing product entirely? Enter the world of multi-armed bandit A/B tests. Unlike traditional A/B tests, where you split traffic between two fixed variations, the multi-armed bandit method adapts in real-time based on performance. Picture it as a casino slot machine with multiple arms (options), where the algorithm intelligently allocates more traffic to the variant showing promise and less to the underperforming one. This allows for a more agile and efficient optimization process, as the system continually fine-tunes itself to maximize outcomes.

Once you provide Tontine with a floor (i.e. minimum) and ceiling (i.e. maximum) price, the platform will automatically create four price points — at the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% marks — and redirect traffic to all four price points proportionally. After approximately two weeks, we will drop the two losing prices and concentrate all of the traffic on the remaining two frontrunner prices, until there’s one undisputed winning price. Now, you can rest assured knowing it’s the absolute best price for that specific product!

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I've been using Tontine since I opened my store because we’ve had to transition after COVID. Definitely a keeper! I love how everything is set up to be “set it & forget it”. Love Tontine.

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Tontine gave us a bigger bang for our buck for every $1 we spent on our paid ads channels — only regret is we didn’t discover it earlier!

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Really simple platform to use...  the more you use it, the more you discover how powerful it really is. Our P&L shows that Tontine delivered at least a 28% profit margin increase for our brand last month!

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I'm skeptical of any company that claims to help you earn more money this easily, but Tontine feels like the real deal. Support has been great, and our Price Optimization Expert, Eric, is a real rockstar.

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A little pricey, but worth it if you're doing enough volume. Definitely a massive improvement from the spreadsheet hell that we've been used to!

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This service has helped optimize our profit margins considerably. We only increased prices by 3-5% for each product when testing, but it's already making a meaningful difference.

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