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Curious to see how much extra profit Tontine can add to your bottom line? Try the new ROI Calculator >
Curious to see how much extra profit Tontine can add to your bottom line? Try the new ROI Calculator >


Tontine is the #1 full-service price optimization service & platform for Shopify brands. We’ll help scientifically optimize the price of each SKU you’re selling so you can make 14-17% more per order. Boost profits without the cost, complexity or effort — or get your money back.

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Are your products priced to perfection?

Can you charge more for your products?

Or can you convert more customers if you just charge slightly less?

When you work with Tontine, you’re not just getting a best-in-class profit optimization platform. You’re also getting a Price Optimization Expert — an experienced data scientist who is entirely focused on increasing your profit margins every month. And it doesn't cost a penny extra.

HIGH-impact CRO

When customers land on your product pages, there’s only one thing they focus on first: pricing. If the price isn’t perfect, no amount of expensive lifestyle photography or tantalizing copy will make them convert.


Built just for Shopify brands, Tontine is 100% compatible with all Shopify apps & APIs. Test your prices discreetly: your end-customers will never know if they’re in a test group, and your results will always be scientifically valid.

You're ALWAYS in Control

Tontine will never make changes to your Shopify store in any way, shape or form without your direct input and/or consulting you first. Tontine can also rollback any changes seamlessly. We’re here to increase your profit margins — your way.

How we do it: The Process


Talk to one of our Price Optimization Experts

A Price Optimization Expert on our team will work with you to understand your goals, buyers persona, and price elasticity.


Tontine analyzes your shoppers’ behavioral data & sales trends

PriceBot, Tontine’s proprietary AI, will uncover profitable pricing opportunities you can exploit. This analysis takes < 48 hours.


The Right Price,

With the help of your Price Optimization Expert, run price tests while remaining 100% in control & without disrupting your operations.

How we do it: The technology



PriceBot synthesizes your shoppers' behavioral data 24/7 and maps it to real-time sales trends to deliver reliable recommendations you can trust and use. No more guessing on how you should price your products — and stop leaving money on the table.

Product price optimization


Price Optimization helps you scientifically test new prices against current prices on your customers in real-time, without them knowing that a test is happening. See how much extra revenue the winning price generates and apply that price to your Shopify store in just one click!

shipping Price optimization

Profit from free shipping

There’s no point offering free shipping if it ends up hurting your profits. Increase revenue & AOVs within 7 days by testing different shipping rates & free shipping thresholds on your Shopify store. Finally, an all-in-one platform to regain control of your shipping strategy.


Total profit margin lift
Ron Davis
VP of Paid Media — Primary Goods

“The best kept secret for shopify merchants..."

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Total profit margin lift
Nicola Fleming
Founder & CEO — Filia Rex 

“We were sold from day one — increased revenues, not ad spend!”

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We built tontine to make these roles happy


Increase your overall profitability without increasing overhead/marketing costs. Too busy? Your Price Optimization Expert will take care of your pricing strategy for you. Use that extra profit to buy more inventory & grow your team.

CMo/VP of marketing

Forget about the complexity and cost of using a traditional CRO software. Move the needle with Tontine: see your revenue lift in just weeks without any risk to your brand equity. Break out of the competitive landscape once and for all.

marketing agencies

Offer new and existing clients a low-effort CRO service so you can generate higher management fees & margins without increasing overhead. Focus on driving quick ROI wins (boost clients’ ROAS & AOV) from paid media spend.

tontine Works with your e-COMM stack

Tontine is compatible and integrates with all major payment gateways, advertising platforms/pixels, 3PL API connections, email service providers, accounting software, etc. If you use it, odds are, Tontine supports it.

Plug into your Shopify store. Keep your current operational/marketing workflows. Done.

Make informed pricing decisions, not guesses

We’ll either increase your profit margins, or give you your money back. Requesting a consultation could be the most profitable thing you do this week, and you don’t need to spend a thing!

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