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Curious to see how much extra profit Tontine can add to your bottom line? Try the new ROI Calculator >


7 keys to increasing your Shopify store conversion rate

A 1% increase in conversion rate could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in newfound profit. So what's the secret here?


You own a Shopify store, your website seems okay, your product pages work, your ads are running, and your sales are somewhat...Okay. In general, your sales aren't terrible, but they have room for improvement. Now, how do you actually go about making this happen? If you want to increase your Shopify sales, you must first understand how to increase your Shopify conversion rate. 

Priority number one is knowing what a conversion rate is and how your store compares to others. Once you've mastered that concept, we've got seven strategies you could employ on how to increase your conversion rate on Shopify, but you must first understand what a conversion rate is.

Continue reading to learn what a conversion rate is, how to calculate it, and most importantly, how to increase conversion rate on Shopify.

So what exactly is a conversion rate?

Let's begin with the basics. So what exactly is “converting”? This is what happens when a potential customer visits your site (possibly due to a piece of content, an ad or anything else), looks around, and ends up buying something. Now, not all who visit your site will end up buying a product. Your Shopify conversion rate is the total number of visitors divided by the total number of purchases. 

Calculate your conversion rate using the formula above.

The average Shopify conversion rate?

The average Shopify conversion rate for US-based stores tends to be around 2.63%. That is to say, for every 100 visitors, most Shopify stores have 2-3 customer purchases. While comparison may be the thief of joy, it’s still important to know where your Shopify store metrics are compared to others.

What's a good Shopify conversion rate?

One of the necessary steps to knowing how to increase conversions rates on Shopify is to understand what a good conversion rate is. Conversion rates of 3.1% or higher are found in the top 20% of Shopify stores. That means that for every hundred visitors, the best-performing Shopify stores receive three or more customer purchases.

With that benchmark in sight, now it’s important to determine how to increase your conversion rate from average to exceptional! But what are the top tips for increasing your Shopify conversion rate?

We will now look at different strategies you can use to get more people to your Shopify store and how to increase your Shopify store conversion rate.

1. Optimize Shopify sales funnel

When it comes to conversions, timing is just about everything. Customers may flee if you prompt them too early or too late in their purchasing process. That is why creating a sales funnel is so important: you must understand the process your customer goes through, from finding your store to making a purchase, and every point in between where you can gain trust.

A sales funnel is made up of various steps to develop a relationship with your customer to make a sale. This could include emails, ebooks, newsletters, blog posts, or even something completely unique to your industry (aka never be afraid to get creative and try something new when it comes to testing methods when it comes to increasing your Shopify store conversion rate).

Consider this: what are your customers looking for? What can you give them to make them trust you? What can you offer that will pique people's interest in your products? What knowledge do you have that shows authority over your subject matter and that you’re someone who legitimately knows what you’re doing? All of these questions influence how you construct a Shopify sales funnel.

For example, here's an illustration of a sales funnel:

  • The customer requires a leather jacket
  • They check out various stores.
  • The customer discovers your store and begins looking around.
  • They check out the product, read the details, and the customer does a little more research.
  • They then check out! 

A sales funnel is an effective method on how to increase your conversion rate on Shopify and make more sales in your store.

2. Speak without words: garner trust

One of the effective steps on how to increase Shopify conversion rate is to simplify your website design.

Trust, as we mentioned with the sales funnel, is vastly important. Customers are afraid of wasting money, so you must convince them that you or your product are worthwhile. Implementing a few of these techniques on your website alone can make a huge difference.

How to increase Shopify store conversion rate through trust:

  • Make your website look more professional and on point. Nothing fosters a lack of trust like a poorly designed, poorly functioning website. The importance of appearance and functionality cannot be taken for granted. it’s not the 90’s, your website needs to look on point. 
  • Allow your customers to verify the information on your site. Ensure the info is coming from credible sources.
  • Highlight your and your team's knowledge. More information about your team's knowledge set and experience gives your customers confidence that you know what you're doing.
  • You don’t need to update it every day, but your Shopify site does need to be consistently updated and changed. Never changing your site will bore anyone that decides to visit your site a month or two later from their original visit where they may be bounced from your site. In essence….fool me once….fool me twice. 
  • Find the right promotional balance. When your customers aren't ready to buy anything, don't bombard them with several hurdles or sign-ups ad nauseam. Do you remember our point about timing when it comes to the sales funnel? Everything revolves around proper timing.

You have to keep considering what changes you can make to your website to make it more trustworthy. Every step you add to create trust is a great way to further increase your conversion rate on Shopify.

3. Describe why they should buy from you

Customers want to know why they should buy from you, what's in it for them more than just buying a product? What differentiates your Shopify store from others? Determine which elements will add value to the lives of your customers. Your store must excel in at least one of these areas if it is to be successful. As a Shopify store owner, you must always consider what distinguishes your company, products, or services from others.

Once you've verified these, make sure to highlight them everywhere you can – on product pages, your About page, ads, checkout, and anywhere else you’re marketing your store (every interaction with a customer is a transaction you can add value to). Above all, your uniqueness is a powerful hook for attracting customers.

4. Artificial scarcity to create urgency

We know we’re not exactly telling you anything new when we mention the power of scarcity when it comes to marketing and creating better sales.

Advising customers that this may be their last chance to buy is a good way to actually ...get them to buy from you. Scarcity can be used to incentivize in two ways:

• Time-bound (final day to buy)

• Quantity-related (there is only so much product left!)

Now, it is vastly critical to remember not to deceive your customers. Breaking their trust in the name of scarcity causes much more harm than good. If your supply is infinite, you can use promotions to create scarcity. Be inventive, don’t lie, and break your potential customer’s trust in you.

Some ideas include:

  • If you buy within the next 20 minutes, you will receive a 20% discount!
  • At this price, there are only 3 seats left!
  • A free gift to the first 100 people who purchase!

5. Get rid of jargons

While being whimsical with your words might impress someone you just met -- you must keep the jargon to a minimal amount on your Shopify site. It's worth taking a look at your Shopify store overall to see where you can simplify any wording or details. 

You want to demonstrate expertise while also meeting your customers on a personal level. Make certain that your copywriting has some pizazz and personality. Give specific examples. Sensibly explain yourself. You should be able to impress your customers without intimidating them or getting too into the weeds.

For instance:

Rather than, "Cotton is a soft, sustainable fiber that grows in a protective case around the seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossypium in the mallow family Malvaceae. The fiber is almost entirely composed of cellulose.”

Try instead, "Cotton fabric is one of the world's most popular and oldest fabrics. It is a natural fiber derived from the cotton plant's seedpod. Cotton can be knitted or woven into a fabric, with the most common weaves being plain and twill.”

6. Try A/B testing

One of the most vital steps of how to increase Shopify conversion rate is through A/B testing. A/B testing is what happens when you create two versions of a page on your website, direct a portion of your visitors to one and another portion to the other (or more), and then see which of these pages performs best. This is a powerful marketing tool for understanding how your customers react and what they prefer. Knowing this enables you to truly optimize your entire site through improving your Shopify store conversion rates and sales overall.

A/B testing is made initially easy and can be done with tools like Google Optimize and others. You can change the headlines, content, and call to action to see which performs best. 


Version A = Make Your Own Men‘s Suit 

Empower yourself by developing a distinct, one-of-a-kind style that‘s all your own.

Version B = A Men’s Suit Designed By You 

Our store allows you to design both classic and trendy new Suits!

A/B testing software is meant to direct traffic to either of the options you’ve designed, track the number of clicks and purchases, and present the end result so you can see which performs better. Typically, this is done 50/50 (a true A/B test, but more variant pages can be added to test things more intricately).

7. Optimize prices intelligently

Now, the main reason for learning how to increase your Shopify conversion rate is so you can improve your sales. A/B testing is great, and while there are several tools you can use to A/B test, not every Shopify store owner has the time to implement code or work with their backend. 

Store owners typically want instant traction and conversion rate increases. Knowing the best price for your products allows a Shopify store owner to create the best margins possible. It also prevents you from pricing too high or too low and losing further traction. Many owners simply take guesses and are really not maximizing their gains overall. Tontine allows you to test prices intelligently, which leads to 15-17% increases in revenue.

Even better is that Tontine can test your prices within 3 days and does so discreetly! Tools like Google Optimize or VWO, while great tools, can’t always hide a price the customer maybe saw two weeks ago. Tontine makes sure that when a customer sees one price, that’s the price they consistently see going forward. Rest assured, you can intelligently find the best prices for your products without harming your brand. 

Furthermore, if you don’t make more than our fee you get refunded! It’s a no-brainer for increasing your conversion rate on Shopify and generating some serious profit.

Wrapping it up...

That's all there is to it! You now know how to increase Shopify conversion rate, what a conversion rate is, where yours currently stands and how it compares to other stores. With your newfound knowledge, you can take on the world of Shopify and create more sales for your store overall.

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