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Curious to see how much extra profit Tontine can add to your bottom line? Try the new ROI Calculator >
Curious to see how much extra profit Tontine can add to your bottom line? Try the new ROI Calculator >

Benchmark Your PRICING Against Competitors. BEAT THEM.

Meet your wingman: PriceBot monitors your store activity 24/7 to uncover hidden profit opportunities & provide intelligent recommendations to maximize your margins while remaining competitive

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Discover missed opportunities and insights in seconds

PriceBot’s AI engine eliminates guesswork by analyzing your store data 24/7 to forecast the answer to the question, “what will happen if I change my prices?” using behavioral data.

Shoppers often leave behind non-verbal cues (bounce rate, discount code utilization, behavior flow, etc.) when going through your site. PriceBot synthesizes all these information to produce profitable insights.



Simple & actionable

PriceBot synthesizes your shoppers' behavioral data and maps it to real-time sales trends to deliver reliable recommendations you can trust and use. No more guessing on how you should price your products.


HOW Pricebot WORKS

Proven Machine learning model

PriceBot digests more than 1 million intricate data points a minute to gain a holistic understanding of how you can fully exploit your customers' price sensitivity. More AI, less "uh... why?"


HOW Pricebot WORKS

Instant results 24/7

Forget everything you've heard about how time-consuming and expensive price optimization is. PriceBot delivers results instantly, so you never have to miss a beat when re-pricing current products or introducing new ones!

HIGH-impact CRO

When customers land on your product pages, there’s only one thing they focus on first: pricing. If the price isn’t perfect, no amount of expensive lifestyle photography or tantalizing copy will make them convert.


Built just for Shopify brands, Tontine is 100% compatible with all Shopify apps & APIs. Test your prices discretely: your end-customers will never know if they’re in a test group, and your results will always be scientifically valid.


Maximize the value of your paid traffic customers and increase your AOV without any additional cost. If Tontine fails to deliver, we’ll waive your subscription fee for the month. We don’t make any money, unless you do first.

Built just for Shopify merchants to be seamless and effortless

Sarah H.
via Shopify Plus

I've been using Tontine since I opened my store because we’ve had to transition after COVID. Definitely a keeper! I love how everything is set up to be “set it & forget it”. Love Tontine.

Taylor W.
via Shopify Plus

Tontine gave us a bigger bang for our buck for every $1 we spent on our paid ads channels — only regret is we didn’t discover it earlier!

Run, don’t walk, to Tontine.

Jason L.
via Shopify Plus

Really simple platform to use...  the more you use it, the more you discover how powerful it really is. Our P&L shows that Tontine delivered at least a 28% profit margin increase for our brand last month!

Eric N.
via Shopify

I'm skeptical of any company that claims to help you earn more money this easily, but Tontine feels like the real deal. Support has been great, and our Price Optimization Expert, Eric, is a real rockstar.

Julian Z.
via Shopify

A little pricey, but worth it if you're doing enough volume. Definitely a massive improvement from the spreadsheet hell that we've been used to!

Isabelle Q.
via Shopify

This service has helped optimize our profit margins considerably. We only increased prices by 3-5% for each product when testing, but it's already making a meaningful difference.

tontine Works with your e-COMM stack

Tontine is compatible and integrates with all major payment gateways, advertising platforms/pixels, 3PL API connections, email service providers, accounting software, etc. If you use it, odds are, Tontine supports it.

Plug into your Shopify store. Keep your current operational/marketing workflows. Done.

Make informed pricing decisions, not guesses.

We’ll either increase your profit margins, or give you your money back. Requesting a consultation could be the most profitable thing you do this week, and you don’t need to spend a thing!

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100% honest and transparent pricing

No “Contact Us for a Quote” or any mysterious pricing pages designed to gouge you. Our prices are honest and transparent from day one.

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No-fuss setup: get up and running in <48 hours

Don’t believe in the nonsense that CRO is technically complex or difficult to setup. Tontine is built by data scientists for non-experts.

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