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Curious to see how much extra profit Tontine can add to your bottom line? Try the new ROI Calculator >
Curious to see how much extra profit Tontine can add to your bottom line? Try the new ROI Calculator >

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Do it all: new product features in 2023

Preview the exciting features coming to Tontine as the platform transforms from being the #1 A/B price testing solution to becoming a best-in-class, all-in-one comprehensive A/B testing platform for the fastest growing brands on Shopify.

Late Q1 ’23

Shopify 2.0 Support

 As a Shopify and Shopify Plus certified partner, Tontine is 100% compatible with Shopify 2.0 (announced in 2022). What does this mean for you as a brand? You shouldn’t experience any difference day-to-day, and because Tontine’s Implementation Specialists handle all of the heavy-lifting work related to integration, it should not have any impact on your business or operations. 

If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details, here it is: 
  • Tontine is one of the first apps/platforms on the market to support Tontine 2.0 themes in all variations; 
  • Tontine will support the ability to slot in embed blocks natively; 
  • You will be able to edit settings right inside of the theme editor; and
  • Javascript will load directly from Shopify (more efficient and performant than the current systems already in place).

As always, should you have any questions, both your assigned Implementation Specialist and Price Optimization Expert will be available 24/7 via Slack, email and call to answer any questions or assist as needed with no additional costs!

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Mid-Q2 ’23

Point-and-click No-Code Content A/B Testing

Tontine’s Point & Click No-Code Content A/B Testing feature allows you to run powerful A/B, multi-variate, split, multi-device, and multi-page on just about every element (CTA buttons, text, banners, etc.) on your website to turn on-site traffic into paying customers. 

Designed to help you launch a test in just 3 minutes, you don’t need to depend on your engineering team’s availability to tweak your pages for testing, nor do you need to know how to code! Your site will automatically load in Tontine’s Preview Selector, where you’ll be able to click on elements you’d like to test, create the experimental variant, and launch the test live instantaneously. 

But if you’d like to take it one step further, Tontine also offers an Developer Mode so you or your engineering team can make changes directly in the code using a distraction-free, “code-only” editor that developers love and trust. When this mode is enabled, you’ll be able to make sophisticated changes directly in HTML/CSS/JS using our advanced code editor. You’ll also be able to easily include external JS/CSS or define JS/CSS at the test level to build complex and sophisticated A/B tests. With this feature, you’ll be able to A/B test anything and measure its impact everywhere.

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Mid-Q2 ’23

Product A/B Testing (Images & Descriptions)

Tontine’s Product A/B Testing feature allows you to increase your revenue in no time by testing prices, descriptions, and images for each and every individual product you sell natively using the Products editor in Shopify’s admin portal. 

Because Tontine has a native integration with Shopify (1.0 and 2.0), you will be able to create new experimental variants of prices, descriptions, and images exactly the same way you did when you first created those products years ago. Once you’ve saved your changes, the test is launched immediately and customers landing on your product pages (i.e. PDP) are automatically redirected to Cohort A (current prices/descriptions/images) or Cohort B (experimental prices/descriptions/images). We have more than a dozen technical safeguards to prevent cohort overlap, or the possibility that a customer may accidentally see two different prices in their buyers’ journey. 

This new feature is also tightly integrated with Tontine’s Real-Time Traffic Redirect System™ — the only proprietary system that allows for real-time traffic redirection without duplicating any products, product pages, or URLs. Instead, different prices are dynamically displayed on the original product pages in real-time depending on which cohort a site visitor is in. The result? Zero flickering, zero detection, and zero hassle.

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Late Q2 ’23

Testing Strategies & Goals

Tontine’s Testing Strategy & Goals feature allows you and your team to collaboratively discover growth opportunities in your customers’ journey, build a pipeline of high-impact experimentation ideas, and see them all the way to completion. 

The Problem: 

Insights for experimentation can come from different places, and are typically recorded messily in Google Docs, Excel Sheets, Slack threads, emails, whiteboards, and post-its. This leads to idea silos, and makes it impossible to derive the most useful insights for experimentation. 

The Solution: 

Tontine brings a centralized repository where all insights, notes, comments or ideas related to any aspect of the experimentation program can be recorded — separate the signal from the noise with a structure process that makes it much easier to come up with data-backed hypotheses. 

Even more importantly, you’ll be able to track the impact of experimentation on core business metrics much more easily. While it’s great to know the impact a test had on a metric, what really matters in the larger picture is the impact of the complete experimentation program on your core KPIs and North Star metrics. With Tontine, you can set up the core KPIs you want to track and observe how they change over time throughout your experimentation program.

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Mid-Q3 ’23

Multi-currency & International (non-U.S.) Support

Ready to expand beyond the borders of the United States and reach an entirely new audience internationally? With Tontine’s Multi-Currency Support feature, you’ll be able to launch every configuration of test available — whether that’s the Point & Click Content A/B Test or Shipping Price Test — in every language and in every country. 

As soon as a multi-currency and international experiment is launched, on-site visitors worldwide will be segmented according to their unique and specific geographies and more than a dozen of Tontine’s technical safeguards will be activated to ensure those visitors aren’t exposed to another price (regardless of currency) during their buyers’ journey. 

Finally, you’ll be able to discover if certain regions around the world are more or less price sensitive to higher prices — for example, Tontine’s internal proprietary data indicates that Southeast Asia consumers are, on average, 31% more price sensitive than consumers of similar demographics (age, income, etc.) in the United Kingdom. Get similar insights for your brand today!

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Preview the exciting features coming to Tontine as the platform transforms from being the #1 A/B price testing solution to becoming a best-in-class, all-in-one comprehensive A/B testing platform for the fastest growing brands on Shopify.

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Sarah H.
via Shopify Plus

I've been using Tontine since I opened my store because we’ve had to transition after COVID. Definitely a keeper! I love how everything is set up to be “set it & forget it”. Love Tontine.

Taylor W.
via Shopify Plus

Tontine gave us a bigger bang for our buck for every $1 we spent on our paid ads channels — only regret is we didn’t discover it earlier!

Run, don’t walk, to Tontine.

Jason L.
via Shopify Plus

Really simple platform to use...  the more you use it, the more you discover how powerful it really is. Our P&L shows that Tontine delivered at least a 28% profit margin increase for our brand last month!

Eric N.
via Shopify

I'm skeptical of any company that claims to help you earn more money this easily, but Tontine feels like the real deal. Support has been great, and our Price Optimization Expert, Eric, is a real rockstar.

Julian Z.
via Shopify

A little pricey, but worth it if you're doing enough volume. Definitely a massive improvement from the spreadsheet hell that we've been used to!

Isabelle Q.
via Shopify

This service has helped optimize our profit margins considerably. We only increased prices by 3-5% for each product when testing, but it's already making a meaningful difference.

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